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Mindfulness, Wellness & Stress Resilience Programs For The Modern World

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Empower your team with the neuroscience-based stress resilience tools used by C-Suite Executives, NBA players, and global business leaders.

What We OFfer

Stress Resilience Workshops & Education For Teams


Mindfulness & Meditation Workshops & Sessions


Virtual Team Building & Corporate Wellness Events


Program formats include:

  • Live Virtual Workshops

  • Lunch & Learn Education Sessions

  • Regular Monthly Sessions

  • Regular Weekly Sessions

  • Virtual Team Building Events

  • Workshops For Leaders & Managers

  • Empathetic Leadership 

  • Virtual Mini-Retreats




All Available Remotely With More Options Coming Very Soon.


Don’t just take it from me, here is some of the research.

The ROI for providing employees mental health & stress management support is between $2 - $8 in added productivity.

(Benefits Canada, 2020)



Stressed Employees are 63% more likely to take sick days and 2.6 times more likely to look for a new position.

(Headspace, 2020)

Google teams attending meditation lessons had 19% less work stress, resulting in enhanced productivity.

(Google SYLI, 2019)


10 minutes of meditation boosts creativity by up to 22%. It also reduces restlessness by 23% and irritation by 24%.

(Harvard Business Review, 2017)


Mindfulness-wellness programming at work drives productivity gains averaging $3,000/year per employee.

(Aetna & Duke University, 2016)

A study of US military personnel found that memory capacity increased with regular mindfulness & meditation practice.

(American Psychological Assoc., 2012)


To name just a few of the many findings on mindfulness & workplace stress.

Some of the benefits of providing mindfulness & stress resilience training for your team include: 

– An improved ability to focus at work.

– Decreased absenteeism & presenteeism.

– Elevated mood and ability to combat stress.

– Improved employee engagement.

– Physical strengthening of important brain regions.

– Large reductions in levels of stress and burnout.

& many more!



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