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Who We Are

My Name is Sean Grabowski. Founder and Corporate Wellness Educator at The Mindful Steward.

I am a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, with a particular focus on bringing stress resilience tools and practices to modern workplaces, and professionals, as well as those who may be less fortunate. With a background in corporate advertising, I have seen first hand how workplace stress effects the livelihood of people around the world, and I want to be part of the solution.

Our Mission Statement

To recreate the way organizations, and professionals approach the workplace culture around mental health, stress, and employee wellbeing.

Our Goals

1. Nurture employee wellbeing and mental health.

2. Foster positive workplace and team cultures.

3. Bring neuroscience backed tools and education to professionals.

4. To promote people-centric & empathetic leadership approaches.

5. To improve the bottom line, by better caring for the front line: employees.


How We Do What We Do

Mindfulness & Meditation

Stress Management & Resilience

Employee-Centric Leadership

Workplace Wellness Education

Virtual Team Building Events

Yoga Classes



Lunch & Learns

Weekly Lessons/Sessions

Monthly Lessons/Sessions

Virtual Retreats

Online Courses




My Story

It was about 6 years ago when I was first exposed to the world of mindfulness, meditation, and general self-improvement work through the book: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It was a book I first decided to read when recovering both physically and from the depression, I was experiencing, caused by a torn ACL in my left knee.

It was the injury that completely shattered my self-identity as a self-proclaimed, obsessive snowboarder. With no access to the activities I relied so heavily upon for my happiness as well as my health, I was forced to open my mind toward personal development, not by choice, but because of the pure force of a 15-month recovery timeline.

Discovering and exploring science-based stress management techniques quickly became my new calling. Since that time, I have attended workshops across Canada, read and un-countable amount of books & articles, and collected as much knowledge and experience in this realm as possible.

I have a passion for bringing this work to the people who need it most. From my experience in the corporate workforce, stressed out professionals are some of the people who I know first hand, need this education most. 

How can we empower people to bring their best selves to work? By creating a safe culture, and showing them we will help them do it. Happy & healthy workforces, build happy and healthy companies. 

Innovation always starts with people.


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