About Me

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Hi There,

I’m Sean Grabowski, host of The Mindful Steward Podcast.

About four ago I began to write, submit and publish articles for the very first time. Before the conception of this project, I didn’t even enjoy writing. A lot has changed since those early days, and this website has become an incredible tool for both learning and creative expression. Both of which are qualities that have provided me with an enormous amount of value over the last few years. The mission behind this entire website is to help me and anybody who may happen to stumble across my content to develop into better, more actualized versions of ourselves as individuals, professionals, and humans. The Mindful Steward has become a creative project that has helped me apply these learnings into all different areas of my life.

Most recently, I’ve moved to Toronto, North America’s third-largest metropolitan area. Relocating to this city has not only provided me with the chance to accelerate my growth in numerous ways, but it has given me the opportunity to connect with a huge amount of like-minded people. It’s been an experience that has inspired me to explore new avenues of bringing value to my community and readers. In specific, it has inspired me to begin thinking BIG, in several areas of my life. My podcast is certainly one of these many facets. My hope is that these conversations, this website, and these free resources are a reflection of just that, value.

In the end, the purpose of every piece of content on this website is really about the fun and insight I get to consume while creating it. I am simply a passionate learner who finds massive enjoyment in a good and meaningful conversation. If anybody enjoys this content as much as I enjoy producing it, that is simply a bonus.

– Sean Grabowski