About Me

The Mindful Steward Founder Writer Sean Grabowski


Hi There,

My name is Sean Grabowski and I’m the founding editor behind The Mindful Steward.

About two years ago I started to write articles of my own for the very first time. Before building The Mindful Steward, I never enjoyed writing. This project has become an incredible learning experience for me and I’m sure it will continue to be for years to come. The mission behind this entire website is to help me and anybody else who reads, or is involved in the site to learn, and continue developing as people, professionals and humans. The Mindful Steward has become a creative project for me and has made me realize the importance of having an outlet like this to practice and strengthen my creative skills. Now that I have one, I am not sure I could ever do without. Hopefully you enjoy this website as much as I do.

– Sean Grabowski



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