“Hi, I’m Sean Grabowski. Founder and Corporate Wellness Educator at The Mindful Steward.”

Championing Mental Well-being

I am a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, with a particular focus on bringing stress resilience tools and practices to modern workplaces, and professionals, as well as those who may be less fortunate. With a background in corporate advertising, I have seen first hand how workplace stress effects the livelihood of people around the world, and I want to be part of the solution


Nurture employee wellbeing and mental health

Foster positive workplace and team cultures

Bring neuroscience backed tools and education to professionals

My Story

About six years ago, my introduction to mindfulness and self-improvement began with Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now.” This journey unfolded during my recovery from a torn ACL, a period that reshaped my identity as a snowboarder. With limited access to my usual sources of happiness and health, I delved into personal development due to a 15-month recovery.

The injury propelled me toward science-backed stress management techniques, leading to workshops, extensive reading, and accumulating knowledge in this field. I am driven to share these tools, especially with stressed-out professionals in the corporate world, as I’ve witnessed their need firsthand.

My passion lies in empowering people through a culture of well-being at work. Creating a supportive environment is crucial for individuals to bring their best selves, fostering happy and healthy companies. I believe that innovation always begins with prioritizing the well-being of individuals.


To recreate the way organizations, and professionals approach the workplace culture around mental health, stress, and employee wellbeing

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