Last fall I found myself sitting on my couch on the West Coast of Canada, in Whistler B.C trying to find ways to bridge the gap between summer and winter, or what is known as the “dead season” in those parts. As the tourists leave and the town dies down everyone begins to gear up for the winter. However, there is a short period of time where the rain never ends, and it’s not quite cold enough for the snow to start dumping in the mountains. The result? All the hard working bike and ski bums of Whistler are given an opportunity to take a long relaxing deep breath and enjoy some free time before the crowds of tourists return for the winter holidays.

Featured Image: Huntington Beach, California


Lake Tahoe

With this newfound freedom and a strong desire for an adventure exploring new landscapes, my girlfriend Caroline and I packed our bags, loaded up my truck and hit the road to see what the rest of the west coast had to offer. As we sang to our favourite tunes, argued over directions and initiated countless rap battles, we set out down from Vancouver all the way through to LA along the coastal highways that pass through Washington and Oregon. With the help of our camping gear, we were able to extend our small budget enough to hit every city, lookout point and landmark we were hoping for. From the incredible sunsets of California, to the coffee culture of Portland, we were amazed by each location. Some highlights were the Redwood forests of California and the Rock formations along the coastal beaches of Oregon. Luckily for all my friends and family, I made a point of bringing my favourite film camera to capture the moments in 35mm. Here is a collection of highlights from our excursion.


Emerald Bay


Thors Well


Cannon Beach


Vista Point


Redwood National Park


Oregon Coast


San Francisco


Laguna Beach