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Corporate Meditation Lessons and Mindfulness Workshops



Corporate Meditation Classes.

Stress Resilience Lessons.

Corporate Wellness Workshops.


Some Companies We Have Worked With:

Empower your team with the neuroscience-based mindfulness lessons that are being taught at leading workplaces like Google, Lululemon, Shopify, & many more.

“Sean’s lessons on meditation were some of the events we received the best feedback on all year. They were a hit among our employees and tenants, and left us with a good understanding of meditation and stress management basics that I still think about daily. Teaching the science and research behind it all was. a nice touch”.

– Brian Desando, Community Manager, WeWork 

“With the current pandemic we are all facing in society, Sean Grabowski’s sessions on mindfulness and how to understand and cope with stress & anxiety provide a precious resource to help people cope with these extremely unusual times. Sean’s presentation style evokes relaxation and

– Janine Tucker, Provincial Project Coordinator, CNIB 

Weekly & Monthly Virtual Meditation Classes

Ongoing live meditation classes for work team, to help de-stress your workforce and bring calm, ease, and enhanced productivity back to your operations.



Virtual Wellness Workshops For Teams

Full educational corporate workshops to teach professional teams the skills and tools of mindfulness & stress resilience.



Virtual Lunch & Learn Educational Sessions

Short and sweet mini-workshops to teach the neuroscience and the basics behind mindfulness for professionals in the modern workforce.



Virtual Remote Team Building Events Partnered with Wavy

Canada’s leader in virtual remote team building events.

Cooking Classes, Yoga, Cocktail Mixing, Beer Tasting, Fitness, Baking & More.





All Session Formats Available Remotely.


“Our consulting team brought Sean (The Mindful Steward Co) in to help boost our internal wellness initiative. Following the 1-hour virtual session provided, we had an increase in participation in our program and a lot of people were surprised at how calming just 15 minutes of meditation could be. Overall, we found the sessions to be a valuable tool to provide our team, and has helped the conversation of employee wellness at our company!”

– Greg Corbiere, Project Manager / P.Eng, Edison Engineers 

Don’t just take it from me, here is some of the science-based research on workplace stress and corporate mindfulness.

The ROI for providing employees mental health & stress management support is between $2 - $8 in added productivity.

(Benefits Canada, 2020)



Stressed Employees are 63% more likely to take sick days and 2.6 times more likely to look for a new position.

(Headspace, 2020)

Google teams attending meditation lessons had 19% less work stress, resulting in enhanced productivity.

(Google SYLI, 2019)


10 minutes of meditation boosts creativity by up to 22%. It also reduces restlessness by 23% and irritation by 24%.

(Harvard Business Review, 2017)


Mindfulness-wellness programming at work drives productivity gains averaging $3,000/year per employee.

(Aetna & Duke University, 2016)

A study of US military personnel found that memory capacity increased with regular mindfulness & meditation practice.

(American Psychological Assoc., 2012)


To name just a few of the many findings on mindfulness & workplace stress.

Some of the benefits of providing mindfulness & stress resilience training for your team include: 

– An improved ability to focus at work.

– Decreased absenteeism & presenteeism.

– Elevated mood and ability to combat stress.

– Improved employee engagement.

– Physical strengthening of important brain regions.

– Large reductions in levels of stress and burnout.

& many more!



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