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Snowboarding Is The Best Thing I Ever Did

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I would wager a bet that most people out there who are actually willing to read through a snowboard article like this one are familiar with the feeling of obsession ‘sports’ like it can produce. Whether you still have that feeling or it was sometime in the distant past, the way boarding can absolutely consume a person is an experience few can relate to. If you are anything like me, although the boarding passion never really ends, perhaps from time to time you find yourself questioning this chosen path. Asking yourself things like “is this obsession healthy, good, or helpful?”, or worst of all “is this childish, should I grow up?”. It becomes even more of a distraction when these questions come at us from other people. Debating the value of something that brings so much positivity to life really is ridiculous. Along with the joy it provides, being a part of snowboarding is more than just a thing we do, it is a full-on cultural phenomenon. If you ask me, it is one of the most positive influences an individual can experience, if they allow it to. Snowboarding is likely one of the best things that could have happened to you – here are some helpful reminders why. 

Snowboarding creates courageous people

Doing things that scare you makes you better at doing more things that scare you. Courage is a muscle and a skill. Ask anybody out there and you will be reminded that great things don’t often come easy. Luckily, the activity you love has already taught you a lot about resilience. Whether it’s the jump in black park that makes your heart feel like it’s about to beat right out of your chest, or it’s your first boardslide on the mini rail in the backyard – we’ve all felt that fear, and ripped toward the takeoff regardless. This kind of mental fortitude is something that helps us on snow and in pretty much every other part of life. Remaining focused in the face of a challenge is a habit that snowboarding helps us master. Next challenge you face, remember how many times you have been in that position already – then thank yourself for snowboarding. Board sports create strong people. The ripple effect of that strength can be found in countless positive initiatives that are currently pushing boundaries around the globe. 

Snowboarding breeds authenticity

Dedicating time and energy toward something like snowboarding requires at the very least, a high degree of self-awareness. To become obsessed, you have to know how you want to spend your time and what you are committed to. In a world that is subconsciously telling us what to think and how to live from nearly every angle, it takes a pretty authentic person to unplug from mainstream culture and choose something different. The people who love snowboarding this much are some of the most authentic people I have ever met. They often live life on their own terms, following principles, values and priorities they decided on internally. Best of all, they fucking own it. As it turns out, following your own path offers more than the simple satisfaction of self-respect – it makes us all happier. Countless studies on human psychology are being pumped out of research institutions around the globe about how living with authenticity fosters a greater degree of happiness. When you are old as hell and all your hinges are too rusty to engage in anything remotely similar to strapping in, it won’t be the money you made or things you did because other people told you to that you will look back on fondly – it will be the side hits and the belting laughs you shared with friends on irreplaceable bluebird days. In a social media consumed world where it is becoming harder and harder to be ourselves, the ‘counter-culture’ of boarding and the people who are a part of it will always be here to help. 

Snowboarding breaks down barriers

One of the most amazing things about the snowboarding community is how inclusive it is becoming with each passing year. Looking back at my childhood, I remember the crew at my local hill ranging in age from 14 up to 30 years old, with boys and girls, men and women, and several different ethnicities from a variety of socio-economic levels. Mind you, we rode at an inner-city hill and although I know this was unique for the time, snowboarding and the people leading the industry are proactively pushing the boundaries of inclusivity more with each passing year. At it’s core, boarding is about boarding. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from, if you love it too, you are just as much a part of the community as anybody else. I am still friends with most of the people from my hills eclectic group to this day, even the guy who was 30 when I was 16 who we nicknamed grey bush – what a legend that guy is. In addition to this, I have seen the culture of boarding be a place where passionate people learn how to live with a worldview of complete possibility. It is a community where many of us learn to ditch the limiting beliefs of what we are capable of that are so often thrust upon us throughout life. Thinking differently, means behaving differently, which helps us act differently. In this way, I have seen the boarding community serve as a launching pad for creative and innovative people time and time again.

Although snowboarding is mostly about holding on to the child-like excitement that helps us all remain passionate about living, as I get older (now older than grey bush was when I was a kid) I am realizing what a widespread impact the time spent on snow has had on the world around me. All that time was an investment with ongoing gains. It’s growth that comes in the form of friendships, resilience, and perspective. The snowboarding community is not only a place where we seek refuge from the normal world, it’s like a steak dinner for the soul. We come to snowboarding for the fun, we stay for the community and how fucking satisfying it is. Through boarding we learn how to be present, open, and unapologetically ourselves. These are values that are helpful in all areas beyond the snow. Embracing these lessons can make snowboarding the best things you ever did, if you let it.   

Snowboarding Will Always Be The Best Thing I Have Ever Done
P.S. Let the kids enjoy their hobbies, let them focus on anything that helps them grow.
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