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The Top 10 Meditations For Children On YouTube

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As many parents are already becoming aware of, teaching children the principles of mindfulness at a young age can improve their ability to cope with frustrations, anger, and emotional times that are bound to show up regularly throughout childhood. Of course, temporary emotions do not have any bearing on who we or children are as people, and instilling these lessons in them early on can help them to grow into individuals who are resilient to the stresses of life, who can also ground themselves in reality whenever that sort of call is needed. As meditation and mindfulness continue to grow in popularity, so too is the adoption of mindfulness education for children. This includes guided meditations for kids, as well as teaching them the principles of nonattachment, acceptance, and present moment attentiveness. Just as they do for adults, these concepts and practices have the potential to help children improve their resilience to life’s uncertainty as well.

To help simplify your search for childrens guided meditations on YouTube, here is a list of videos you can share with your kids, or use to meditate alongside them as an introduction to mindfulness.

Breathing Exercises For Kids – Guided Meditation

12 Minutes

The Sleepy Sloth Bedtime Sleep Meditation For Children

30 Minutes

The Ten Minute Guided Meditation For Kids

10 Minutes

Quick 5 Minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation For Kids With Music

5 Minutes

Secret Treehouse Guided Relaxation Meditation For Kids

16 Minutes

Thought Awareness Mindfulness Lesson For Kids

5 Minutes

Guided Floating Balloon Visualization Meditation For Kids

6 Minutes

Bedtime Story Sleep Meditation For Children

30 Minutes

The Little White Rabbit Sleep Story Meditation For Children

25 Minutes

Spaceship To The Moon Relaxation Before Bed Meditation For Kids

18 Minutes

Browse more of the videos, guided meditations for kids, and children’s mindfulness resources available on YouTube in the list below:

Belly Breathing Exercise And Lesson: Mindfulness For Children (4 Minutes)

Rainbow Relaxation Mindfulness For Children (4 Minutes)

Breath Mindfulness Meditation For Kids (6 Minutes)

Ocean Adventure Sleep Meditation For Kids (1 Hour 9 Minutes)

Short Butterfly Meditation For Children (5 Minutes)

Superpower Listening Mindfulness For Kids (6 Minutes)

Quick Bedtime Story Meditation For Childen (5 Minutes)

Breathing Outer Space Guided Meditation For Kids (12 Minutes)

Be The Pond Mindfulness Meditation For Kids (5 Minutes)

Bubble Bounce Mindful Looking Meditation For Children (4 Minutes)

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