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Morning Meditation: Starting Your Day With Stillness

meditating in the morning

Written By Sean Grabowski

A passionate ambassador, educator and student of mindfulness and meditation. Advocate for unique experiences and life long learning.

March 20, 2021

It’s no surprise that having a healthy morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day. With many of the most successful people in the media’s eye stepping forward sharing testimonials of a 5 AM morning routine, it’s been increasingly talked about and encouraged among the self-improvement community. Perhaps the most important part being the inclusion of a daily meditation in your morning routine. A way to more effectively wake yourself up each day, allowing yourself to be fully present and welcome positivity into your day with wide-open arms. I mean, at the very least giving your mind something a little more than the natural scroll through social media or emails first thing. 

It’s a very well understood fact that meditation will share its optimal benefit when put into practice each and every day. But for all of us night owls I guess the question really is, why the morning? I have to say, I do love the feeling of calmness the quiet morning hours bring. As if the whole world has yet to wake up. Your mind is fresh, untainted if you will. With the weight of yesterday’s feat lifted from your shoulders, and today’s stressors yet to be felt. There’s something to be said about the clarity you feel, the intention you are urged by to turn it into a great day. What better of a time than to utilize this peaceful, engaging aura and channel it into a focussed connection with your higher self. Studies have shown that in the morning, before leaving the house, we are the most likely to make health-minded decisions. Be it a green smoothie before work, a nice warm mug of tea, your daily supplements or, in this case, a quick meditation. With less of our attention being drawn away from the present moment in the morning hours, leaving space for wholesome focus into meditation. These factors work hand-in-hand in order to present the opportunity for a much deeper benefit of meditation for both your mind and body. 

Many of us will be starting our day of work shortly after our morning routine is complete. Having had the opportunity to take some time in the morning to squeeze in a meditation can truly change the way we will approach the day to come. By training the mind first thing in the morning we help it stay focussed, and productive throughout the day. This perspective actively transforms circumstances that would normally be interpreted as stressful into ones easily handled with grace and composure. Using this brief period of controlled stillness to propel the mind into broad perspectives and balanced thought processes. Enabling clear thoughts and reducing stress levels. A morning meditation will help you to detach from habitual thought patterns and replace them with new proactive and innovative ways of thinking. Empowering you to put your best foot forward each day at work. 

Your personal life will also thank you. By meditating to start your day, you are choosing to put yourself first by setting the right foundation for every situation that will surface throughout the day. Truly waking yourself up, beyond just the act of dragging your tired corpse out of bed in the morning. You create each day a new beginning, by allowing yourself the clarity of living wholly in the moment. Painting your mindset with optimism first thing to create positivity in circumstances where it may not have otherwise existed. In truth it is one of the best self care methods you can do, making yourself present to the moment you are living in. Prioritizing and blossoming your inner feeling of wellness. This practice won’t only improve one day in your life but as acted upon regularly, will impact the way you see and approach the world as a whole. Giving meaning to the small things in life will, especially in these Covid times, bring a fulfilling way of doing life. With gratitude as the epicentre of positivity in your life everyday.

If you set aside 20 minutes each morning to focus your attention into meditation, you will see the way your mind and body adjust and start to feel lighter. The time you spend meditating introduces a sense of relaxation, slowing down your heart rate through deep breathing and as a result improving blood flow. It is a comfortable way of easing yourself into the day before having the chance to grab your phone and be instantly stimulated by the emails, texts, to do lists etc. that so quickly slip your mind into the hustle and bustle of the rest of the day/week/month to follow. After completing a full 20 minutes of meditation in the morning, your body actually produces energy-boosting endorphins that can act similarly in waking you up to what a cup of coffee would make you feel. Helping you spring to life naturally, without necessarily needing that coffee each morning. This can be additionally beneficial for those who do their workout in the mornings too. Maximizing what you put into your workout and in turn, what you will get out of it. Not only that but creating a tangible result to track in adding another positive ritual into your daily routine. Numerous studies have even found that throughout the day, if you are feeling stressed or sleepy, you are even more likely to fall victim to cravings for unhealthy foods. Meditation helps your body by helping your brain. Returning the power into your own hands, even in circumstances that otherwise can feel outside of your control. Feeling more energetic, worry-free, and setting the groundwork for discipline in areas of physical performances as well. 

The first thing you want to sort out is the Where? There is no shame in trying whatever will work for you, somewhere you feel at peace and ideally somewhere with minimal distractions. In bed before you even get up? Sure find yourself a comfortable position (not so comfortable that you fall right back to sleep however), sit up and dangle your feet off the side of the bed, put a pillow under you and lean up against the wall, get comfy! You can even try it out during your shower in the morning if that’s what it takes- although for the earth’s sake I’m going to look around this option. 

The best part about it is there is no right or wrong way to approach it, it’s neither black nor white. Every minute you put into it is a part of the practice. Remember that each moment you trail off into your thoughts and pull yourself back in, you’re doing it right! Each moment of failure identifies an opportunity for the meditation to do its work, grab that train of thought and bring it right back to the centre. Starting off simply you can follow deep breaths, drawing your attention to each breath, the sensation you feel from the tips of your fingers to the hairs on the top of your head. Let your mind fall into indifference, just be for a little while. And like I said, you can continue with this for as long as you like. Peak benefits surfacing at about 20 minutes of meditation, but even one minute doing good, as long as it works for you. If you find that it’s difficult, keep trying until you become better at it. Or try out a guided meditation to get yourself acquainted with the help of a supportive, and informed meditation coach. In actual fact what will be your biggest cheerleader pushing you forward in your meditation journey is the consistency and willingness to continue with it no matter how frustrating or difficult. 

Consider that morning meditation is a way to empower your mind and body to operate at their prime each day, that YOU can operate at your prime each day. Using each circumstance to your advantage and empowering yourself to tackle any curveball that comes your way with balance and ease. Inviting the opportunity for positivity even in just the way you perceive and react to things that you’re faced with throughout the day. You are allowing your mind the opportunity to wake up and be present each day, bringing forward the best version of yourself. And giving your body the chance to have a calming beginning to the day, inviting energy into your otherwise tired mornings to follow. Although subtle, you will certainly notice the way your mindset and energy levels are improved in maintaining a consistent routine of meditation with your mornings.

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