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Andrew Wyton On Living Out Your Passion, How To Think Freely & Humanitarian Work In S. Sudan

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Andrew Wyton is one of my best friends. I credit him with opening my eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world. A way in which I see my own potential to create something of my own choosing. A world where anything is possible. A world where I can step outside, far outside the rigid boundaries of societal expectations.


Back in our early days, we first became friends through our mutual passion for snowboarding. We spent all our energy focusing on the sport, essentially living at the local hill as though it were our second home. As young adults, Andy and I spent probably close to the majority of our time either boarding or filming videos and films about boarding. It was all-consuming for the both of us, and our passion for the sport has manifested a unique mindset for the way we look at the world around us.

Adult Life

In more recent years, as two young adults, our lives have changed quite a bit, but I can certainly speak for the both of us in saying that snowboarding set up the trajectory for our lives in a very unique way. Initially, Andy started filming snowboarding to solve the simple issue that there was nobody else to point the camera at him. Following a spine injury that forced his retirement from the sport, he continued with the video aspect of snowboarding for many years before eventually turning the hobby into his full-on career. In this episode, he talks about how his passion for snowboarding, quickly turned into a passion for content and cinematography. In the boarding world, a unique phenomenon occurred across the board when video footage grew in demand. The first people with the skills necessary to make good money doing this were the people filming skateboarding and filming. For Andy this was largely the case, and he found himself with the right skills and the perfect point in time. This has allowed him to create a lot of opportunity and freedom in his life as he owns and operates a well-respected video company at home in London, Ontario.

In this Podcast

In this episode, he tells the story of how this transition came to be. He also tells about his upbringing as I poke and prod him to try and understand why exactly his brain ended up with so much creative power. More recently, Andy has joined CEDASS, a charity dedicated to nourishing the poor and troubled region of South Sudan. His passion for this project has sparked inspiration for many of the people around him, and the experiences he has had along the way justify this.

Visit CEDASS International’s Website HERE.

Visit Andrew Wyton On Vimeo HERE.

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