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Toronto’s Top 9 Meditation Studios

meditation studios toronto

Written By Sean Grabowski

A passionate ambassador, educator and student of mindfulness and meditation. Advocate for unique experiences and life long learning.

March 1, 2020

One of the many joys of living in a big city is that you can find a community for anything. In Toronto, this is certainly the case. As the third-largest city and economic hub in North America, our city has a heck of a lot to offer, especially in the way of mindfulness, meditation and yoga. Although you can find meditation classes in almost all corners of the greater Toronto area, here are some of the top places to meditate in the city. These locations offer high-quality courses, resources, and classes, and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. For anybody looking to explore meditation classes in the city, I would recommend giving several of these a try. Get to know what you want to learn more about, what kind of practice best suits you, and go from there in narrowing down your preference.

Consciousness Explorers Club

The consciousness explorers club is a nonprofit meditation organization originally founded by internationally renowned meditation teacher and author Jeff Warren. Since the groups founding over a decade ago, the club has grown tenfold in popularity, now hosting a wide variety of different meditation events and classes. Well known for their pay what you can (between $10-30 recommendation) “Monday night sits”, the CEC is well established as one of the best places to hone your practice in the GTA. If you are looking for a little more education on meditation than simply showing up for a sit and getting on with your day, this is definitely the place for you. Discussion, lessons, and experimentation are some of the best aspects of meditating with this group. Currently hosting their events at Mosaic Yoga in Brockton Village, the CEC is one of the most welcoming and open meditation classes you can visit.


Mindset Brain Gym

Meditation has recently become a widely used and widely known tool to enhance cognitive performance. Utilizing concentration and focus techniques throughout a wide variety of classes, Mindset is the perfect place to train your brain for further peace, performance, and compassion. Mindset Brain Gym is one of the few and far between studios actively offering Wim Hof breathwork classes as well as classes harnessing the brainwave measuring power of Muse headbands. If you are curious about trying out some of the newest techniques and tools in the mindfulness space, visit Mindset Brain Gym in Yorkville and give their membership a trial run today.


Hoame Meditation Studio

Located right in the heart of the downtown core, Hoame Meditation is a studio with the aim of making meditation and mindfulness accessible to both newbies and gurus alike. Whether it’s a guided meditation class or a visit to their relaxing salt cave and sauna, Hoame meditation has you covered for all aspects of both relaxation and zen alike. In addition to their range of classes and services, Hoame offers training courses for both mindfulness and meditation teachers alike. Visit them online and sign up for their newsletter to receive 10% off your first purchase.


Good Space

Good Space is a neighborhood meditation and yoga studio located in the Parkdale west end of the city. This place has loads of character while simultaneously running a whole set of great classes run by an amazing team of teachers and staff. Aside from their regular class offerings, Good Space also hosts regular workshops and one-off events for breathwork, new moon meditations, kundalini yoga/meditation and many more modalities than I can list in one sentence. Visit this space for a relaxing, comfortable environment and top-notch classes.


Meditation Toronto

Although Meditation Toronto does not actually have a studio of any sort, this website and organization is an amazing resource for online tools, lessons and lists of events and classes one can find all across the city. If you are looking to explore the meditation community in your area, or any other neighborhoods this website is the resource for you. Find retreats, audio resources and anything else you need to get started on their website. 


Hridaya Yoga

Hridaya Yoga is a studio in the downtown core focused on the ancient traditions of yoga and meditation, focusing on the expansion of spiritual power in our everyday lives. Subscribing and sharing the teachings of Yogini Mangala Anshumati, this studio offers a great variety of meditation and yoga classes. This studio is a great location to visit for anybody living downtown looking to not only practice but learn about the art of meditation on a whole.


Shambhala Meditation Centre

The Shambhala Meditation Centre of Toronto is part of Shambhala, an international community dedicated to recognizing the innate goodness of all and manifesting that goodness in society. Although offering a wide range of meditation teachings from how-to classes to advanced techniques, Shambhala Meditation Centre mostly features teachings based upon the concept that enlightenment and the innate good of all people has the potential to truly solve most challenges. Visit Shambhala Meditation Centre for lessons and content with more of a historical origin than you are likely to see in most other studios across the city.


Soul 7

Although Soul 7 is not a full-fledge studio, their location in Yorkville is the home of the NeuroFit Bootcamp, a system designed by one of their founders to neuro-hack the mind for greater performance, resilience, and equanimity. Between sound therapy, the powerful experience of their solo meditation pods, or any of their other mind-boosting offerings, Soul 7 should be on top of the radar for anybody looking to enhance or understand their own cognition, or understanding of how their mind works. Visit their website to explore the wide range of services available.


Focus Mindspace+

Focus Mindspace+ is a relatively new studio in Toronto, located on Ossington near Queen in the heart of Trinity Bellwoods. This cozy studio is beginning to take off, hosting true Wim Hof breathwork classes, a whole host of meditation classes, events and yoga. Visit their website to learn about upcoming events and classes. While in the area, make sure to stop by one of the many one of a kind cafes and restaurants in walking distance. If it’s summer, cap off you class with a visit to Trinity Bellwoods park and keep your zen going into the night.


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