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Conscious Creation Vs. The Art Of Allowing

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Earlier this week I was lucky enough to attend a meet and greet event and have a chat with the CEO of my new workplace. Though he had a lot of really interesting thoughts and concepts to share, one sentiment from his closing speech really caught my attention.


“My biggest advice for you guys is that you can only control the things that are within your influence. The best way to live in your personal and professional life is to leverage those factors as much as you can, but consciously allow the rest to happen as it will. You have to put in an effort, but at a certain point the chips are going to fall where they are going to fall, and the right people and opportunities are going to happen however they are supposed to.”


Though someone residing at the pinnacle of success may have been one of the last people I expected to hear this from, this statement was actually one of the best explanations of a concept I’ve been wanting to verbalize for quite a long time: the balance between consciously creating our reality and allowing circumstances to unfold naturally. Both of which are common lessons of modern spirituality, but where exactly do we draw the line between taking action and stepping back to observe a situation while it turns out exactly how it is meant to?


As modern humans, we falsely believe we are entitled to absolute control over our lives. It is actually quite an unhealthy way to make decisions, and often creates much more friction than ease. As any high achiever will tell you, nothing worth having is easily accomplished. This is simply a truth. Success, appreciation and happiness are things we create and earn, but there has and always will be a special place in the process for the art of allowance. Resisting things we cannot change is much like swimming against the current, and you can bet humans loathe that as much as the fish.


Life is not supposed to be easy, but it is supposed to be simple. We complicate processes that truly are quite basic: great goals are worth the effort, always prioritize the things that bring you happiness and be grateful for almost everything in between. Anything within your control is where conscious creation is at work. Allowance is not about holding back on actions well within your scope of influence, but it is reserved for those that are not. Certain parts of life always have and always will require a certain amount of dedication. If you want to be a CEO, you have to put in the hours. If you want to surf big waves, you better be ready to get your ass kicked by the ocean A LOT. But this does not apply to everything. You can never hustle your way into a friendship, or force someone to appreciate you. 


Just as the right occupation will be fun and enjoyable, the right people will be effortless and straightforward to spend time with. Difficult scenarios are not the sign of a natural experience. Be mindful of the resistance you may feel and why you are experiencing it. You will never be able to control how others and situations appear in your world, only how you are approaching them.


Your reality is nothing more than a reflection of who you are being.

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