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The Top 8 Meditation Apps On The Market

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One of the best ways to learn about meditation and make it part of regular self-care is to download and subscribe to one of the many apps available today. With the continued transformation of digital technology, digital mindfulness resources are proving to be making massive contributions to the world of mental wellness. Although there are tons of meditation apps available on both Android and Apple phones, there is a small list of apps that I would place on the elite level of quality. This is a list of all the best apps available on the market today. Each and every one of the apps on this list offers a wide range of benefits and tools to bring to your new or established meditation practice. No matter which one you choose, you really can’t go wrong.


For many of us, headspace was the first company paving the way for meditation to go mainstream. With a great trial option and an amazing library of guided meditations and lessons, many people would argue it is one of the very best mindfulness resources on the market. Headspace was the first app or meditation educational program I ever tried out and I can definitely say it was top notch. The intro lessons are foolproof and are sure to get anybody into the swing of a regular daily, or not so daily practice. All the lessons are hosted by renowned meditation teacher Andy Puddicombe, well known as one of the first people to bring mindfulness for clarity and cognitive performance to the world of business. This app is great for anybody looking to learn about meditation and how to hone in on both their routine and the quality of their practice.

Free to download.

Subscription Cost: $69.99 USD per year or $12.99 a month.

Free Trial: 7 days.

Website: https://www.headspace.com


The next app I would recommend is Calm. This app promotes meditation for better sleep and living stress-free. As all meditators know, these are indeed the two main benefits of meditation that show their results in nearly all aspects of our lives. Most recently, Calm has partnered with daily meditator and professional basketball player Lebron James to further promote the practice and get more people started. Calm recently became an app unicorn, passing the 1 billion dollar valuation, so you know they have the resources to keep this app in the elite level of quality. From masterclasses to sleep meditations and visualization exercises, this app has everything you need.

Free to download.

Subscription Cost: $69.99 USD per year

Free Trial: 7 days

Website: https://www.calm.com/

Insight Timer

Although not as big as the two apps before this, Insight Timer is another relatively big player in the meditation app space. With a huge variety of guided sessions from a wide range of teachers, this app is a little more like a guided meditation library than an educational app, although it includes lessons all the same. Browse the sections based on the practice of your choice and find the sessions, talks or lessons you need. 

Free to download.

Subscription Cost: $60.00 USD per year

Free Trial: 30 days.

Website: https://insighttimer.com/

10% Happier App

This app was created by journalist turned meditation teacher and advocate, Dan Harris. Dan is most well known for his famous nervous breakdown on live TV, after which he was drawn to meditation to cope with the decades of stress that was beginning to come unraveled at a key point in his life. After a couple of silent retreats and the adoption of daily practice, Dan became so enthralled he wrote two books, created an app, and traveled across North America to record content podcasts and videos for his projects. Partnering with Canadian author and mindfulness teacher Jeff Warren, this whole project is packed with character. You really can’t go wrong when you bring Jeff and Dan, put them in the same room, and see what they create together. Check out their website to learn more about Dan’s books and other projects as well.

Free to download.

Subscription Cost: $99.00 USD a year.

Free Trial: 7 days.

Website: https://www.tenpercent.com/

Meditation Studio By Muse

For anybody who has used the Muse Headbands, this app is specifically designed to be used in partnership with the headbands. Muse creates headbands that use EEG and biofeedback technology to read the frequency of brainwaves and heart rate to create graphs based on your meditation session. Although tracking your brainwaves is entirely a bonus to any meditation routine, it can certainly be an interesting tool to test out to understand when your mental and physical relaxation have a correlation. When you start using their headsets, you will see a set of free guided meditations available in-app, in addition to a set of locked sessions available only for subscribers. If you are in love with your headset and using that as a tool for your meditations, give their subscription a try to unlock a wide variety of guided sessions and lessons for your choosing.

Free to download.

Subscription Cost: $94.99 USD or $12.99 a month.

Free Trial: Not for additional subscription package.

Website: https://choosemuse.com/

Waking Up

Personally, Waking Up is one of my favorite meditation apps out there. Founded and managed by neuroscientist and modern spiritual coach Sam Harris, this app is both highly educational and includes tons of resources to support your actual practice. The educational content consists of podcasts, talks, conversations and teachers around mindfulness, Buddhism, and almost everything else in the realm of mental clarity and cognition training. In comparison to many other meditation apps, the benefit of Waking Up is definitely the sheer volume of informative content available. This app has much more to offer than just guided meditation sessions.

Free to download.

Cost: $ 99.99 USD per year or $ 14.99 USD a month.

Free Trial: Money back guarantee.

Website: https://wakingup.com/

Omvana by MindValley

Founded by the amazing team at Mindvalley institute, Omvana is an up and coming meditation app with some serious backing. Recently winning an award from Healthline for being one of the best wellness apps of 2019, this app includes an expansive meditation library featuring lessons from a variety of unique and insightful teachers. Many of the fans of the app tote it as having one of the most diverse experiences out of any meditation resource out there. If you practice meditation daily utilizing guided sessions, this app may be your key to avoiding boredom or seemingly repetitive lessons in your practice. 

Free to download.

Cost: $ 65.99 USD per year.

Free Trial: 7 days.

Website: https://www.omvana.com/


Buddhify is a meditation app designed with the specific goal of polishing up your practice so much that you no longer have to use an app to meditate. As you may have noticed by now, many of these apps are quite similar in nature. What sets this app apart from the rest is that it only requires a one time charge to install the app, and everything past that point is completely free

Charged on download.

Cost: $ 4.99 USD on IOS and $ 2.99 USD on Android

Website: https://buddhify.com/

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